November 22, 2011

Why, hoi-llo

This HoiHoi-san brought to you courtesy of Steven Den Beste, who ordered it and then discovered it was a model kit and not a completed model. I said I'd have pics, though I didn't quite anticipate them coming together THIS quickly. But the model kit was so well-made (mostly!) that it was quite pleasant to put together.

It's not QUITE done. The model is made out of colored plastic but the various weapons are not, nor is the USB plug dust cover in back behind her hair, so I've a little painting yet to do. Further, there's some touch-up work that I could profit from, mostly covering up places where I had to sand down the scar left from removing bits of plastic from the sprue. (Overall there's very little of this - the white, skin, and peach colors are hardly visible at all - but the scars on the earpieces and black skirt stand out quite a bit more, even if they don't show up in this shot.)

There are a couple places where I could fill small gaps, but the problem with that would be that I would have to paint over the material I fill them with (it's green). That would mean either matching colors VERY exactly or just painting over that color everywhere. The figure was clearly designed with this capability in mind (there's spare transfers for the details like the eyebrows, lashes, and apron logo), but it's also a lot of work for something that wouldn't be a huge improvement. Given that we're talking a little robot maid-assassin here, it doesn't have to look completely lifelike. And there's a limit to my skill when it comes to that sort of thing, of course.

I'll put some finished pics up once I've painted up the sword and plug and patched up the scars. Honestly, I was expecting the whole process to take a lot longer, but it went together pretty easily. Unfortunately I'm leaving in the morning for a few days in Houston, so it'll be at least next weekend before I'm completely done...

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