May 08, 2019

Looked down, and a month went by

Still having plenty fun in Azur, in GBF, and in GFL; each one wears on me in turn but rotating over to the others keeps me from burning out. Weirdly, playing gacha games seems to cost me a lot less than conventional gaming does (though I would not try this stunt with FGO!)

Decided a periodic update would be easier than the daily "nothing much happened" minutia, but then of course the trick is remembering to do the update.

GFL's Deep Dive event went well (need to make at least one more good run at the ranking map; my first effort netted me 43%, just outside the range I need for the exclusive equipment for 9A-91 that I was shooting for... but I can probably squeeze out some more points if I take it seriously...) They have their first anniversary going on, and in about an hour they'll start a week of increased success in building... time to take these hoarded resources and fling them away like I'm at a strip club. Already got Groza (and the True Core Mask might as well be labeled "press this button and collect SAT8"...) so I'm quite content as it is; everything from here will be icing, so I hope to pig out until I'm sick.

Azur Lane's Kizuna Ai event's petering out - was fun, not deep even by the extremely limited standards of Azur storytelling, but the music was pretty good. The disturbing advent of "extra loli" versions of ships I could have done without (the more so because, somehow, I ended up with all of them!) For even more fun, the first tier of the World of Warships collab hit the English server, so I get to have fun grinding for shipgirls corresponding to ships that never got built; heh, why not? Monarch looks good in a qipao skin anyway.

GBF is extra GBF-y at the moment. Just a little bit away from recruiting old man Al-Anon, an "evoker" whose skills are oriented toward coming in to fill a hole left by someone who dies in your front line; how convenient that I'm playing fire Beatrix, who trades a fierce attack buff for a crippling, nigh-suicidal defense and aggro penalty. Fire up Beatrix, collect huge damage, have her catch something hideously damaging, and Alanaan comes in to bring the Sun. And then I can pick a second one to start working on, for a months-long project; probably Maria Therese (whose story is, basically, "I am a Habsburg"... in the middle of our game of impossible floating islands and airships, yet.)

Real life isn't too bad - been sick off and on, but nothing too nasty. Dad's got his first cyborg surgery scheduled, so that should be fun. Need to plan some kind of vacation this year...

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1 Just visit Google

Posted by: Patsy at October 15, 2020 09:11 PM (7F0sN)

2 Staying warm and using stored water there?

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at February 18, 2021 08:10 PM (LZ7Bg)

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