April 04, 2019

Gaming journal 4/4

Quiet week in Granblue. Finished with the current event and clearing up some miscellaneous tasks - the pile of fate episodes really stacked up with all the leveling I did over the anniversary event. Probably won't have anything significant going on until the guild war event next week, though it's a good time to work on some random raids.

Azur's on maintenance tonight - adding in submarines. Because, of course, they didn't have enough lolis with the Japanese destroyers running around in literal kindergarten uniforms. Oy vey. I've got a pretty thick callus on that from all the years I've worked on anime, but I don't exactly need more of it.

GFL's going well - the new boss bully event yielded a gold scope and I lucked into building a second one. Those were very high on the list of "things I need a whole pile of". Another friend is trying the game out as well, so that's always fun too. Did enough missions to hit the daily minimum to get the daily rewards, but that was enough to get Thompson up to level 80.

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