November 27, 2014

Need a vacation from my vacation


My folks came over for a week and a bit, and I burned the vacation time that had been building up all year. Always good to see them (neither of them are getting any younger, nor me for that matter) and we got out and did some good stuff. Dad hauled in a nice-sized mahi mahi and I discovered that I'm susceptible to sea sickness in moderate chop. We didn't hit the luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center (my folks aren't really into luau since we did one in Maui years ago), but other than that, we made it all the way down the list of "stuff they wanted to do". Aunt Susan also came and had a good time as well.

That said, I'm kind of glad to have the place back to myself (especially the bed... been camping out in my office for a few days and my back has been lodging protests the whole time.)

Dad and I visited the Pacific Air Museum (and the Missouri) and I managed to find a copy of Shattered Sword at the gift shop. After years of Wonderduck's effusive gushing about the book, I couldn't pass that up, could I? And indeed, opening it up and reading it is a joy. It's kind of the literary equivalent of the taste of umami, like a really good steak or a Neal Stephenson novel, where you want to tuck in your napkin and just gorge. As indeed I shall!

Anime watching was more or less on hold for the week, so I've got a backlog to work through and a weekend to work with. Did manage to get some gaming in. Enjoyed the first few songs of Project Diva F2, until Mom reminded me that resistance to the more armor-piercing aspects of Japanese idol singing is an acquired trait which my visitors lacked; I'll get some more of that done tonight. Also played a good bit of Far Cry 4, which is a little better than 3 (fewer annoyances, some extra clever bits, mortars to play with, and didn't screw up any of the basic systems) but not precisely deep; beer and pretzels shooter. I do prefer the Himalayas as a backdrop, I think, though partly because if I want tropical island, I'll -go outside-.

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