June 15, 2015

Keep meaning to update

So since my last post I've arrived in Dallas, got a new apartment, and my stuff has caught up with me. Folks helped me get the home-decorating part of things done over the weekend, now I'm to the "unpack all the nerd stuff" portion of the move.

Figures are unpacked, and the damage isn't too bad. Only real breakage occurred with that huge Hayate figure, who had a broken ankle (superglue ho) and one of the little wings snapped at the tab (this will be rather difficult to glue, since it's a hanging part, but it'll look fine when it's done). She's also got some smudges from the newspaper, as do a couple of the other figures, but I'm told that some Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will fix that, so I'll give it a shot. Everything else came through okay. Still need to build out four Nendos - Amatsukaze, Rin, Rico from DD, and Yukiko from P4.

The wrath of the moving gods seems to have concentrated itself on the Warmachine model I had in the same box, which was practically dismantled; it will need massive reconstruction.

The desk for my office will be a big project - going to refinish the bastard, since it's about twenty years old at this point and showing the wear. Gonna take a lot of sanding...

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