March 31, 2019

Gaming journal 3/31

The month-long Granblue anniversary event finally petered out, and we have a new event - a comedy with the Lowain brothers and Tyre. These events do a great job of taking what would be some fairly one-dimensional characters and putting extra flesh on them - Tyre didn't previously get much beyond "I'm way too serious and have the hots for Vira the uncomfortably yandere!" As for Lowain, he runs away with the show as usual; I enjoy the performance so much that I forgave his VA, Minoru Shiraishi, for all that pain and effort subtitling those Haruhi and Lucky Star extras.

A friend of mine is also a big fan of the bancho stereotypes, so the onna-bancho delusion chapter will have her rolling. I got a good laugh out of it too.

Event itself is pretty normal ("fight some bosses, earn tokens and points for the usual loot".) The usual event summon inflicts Petrify; seems to good for an event hand-out, maybe the chance is really low? Worth experimenting on. Anyway, the real fun starts tomorrow, we'll see what crazy stuff they've come up with for April Fools'.

Sunday in Azur means all the daily quests are open at once - between the three rotating types, the level cap daily, and the usual three clears a day of a Hard Mode map, that's 15 fights. Did those (3 gold destroyer retrofit blueprints, unlikely/good result there!) Managed to put in one win on map 10-1, but having Washington on the boss fleet there is hurting me (as a US BB, she only has 5" secondary guns and 10-1 is Home of the Suicide Speedboat Conga Line) - I may swap in Tirpitz for that map.

GFL... finished leveling the third AR/SMG team. One more to work on, but this one's a collection of odds and sods - Thompson and Suomi tanking, G41, SOPMOD attacking, and M16 doing her weird hybrid tank thing. If it wasn't for M16 being in the squad, I might want to work on leveling others instead, but I really do need to get her up to 90 or 100 so that she can help when it comes time to level the assorted handguns and etc. that I've run across.

Downside is the dummy core cost, as usual - though I have enough to upgrade Thompson for free and one duplicate of G41 as well, that still means I'll need 129 to finish the other four, and I have... 10. Might just do M16 and Thompson and leave the rest until I actually want to use them more (though G41 is genuinely good; waste not to have her out there.)

Decent night of gaming, all told.

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