March 12, 2012

Project planning, ork style

I'm on the downhill end of working on the latest batch of boyz (nothing left but the bases), so I'm trying to think up which ones to do next...

  • Another set of regular shoota boyz. The "responsible" option, since these are the guys I'll be fielding in the largest numbers and I only have twenty painted so far, counting the ten not finished yet. Not much opportunity to do anything fancy, aside from a checkered shoulderpad or the like.
  • The ork kommandos, with their Boss Snikrot. 13 models total, some duplicate poses, one big model. I expect to field these guys fairly often (Snikrot gives them the ability to show up on the opponent's side of the board, giving the opponent a nasty deployment dilemma... every inch from the back is an inch closer to the rest of the horde!) Fun gas masks and a couple of burna boyz.
  • An HQ figure. I'm good enough to do justice to my warboss by now, and I also have a backup warboss in case I totally drop the ball. Alternately, I could do a Big Mek - either the force field one (which is as close to auto-include as they come) or the Shokk Attack Gun variant (because who doesn't like a gun that teleports little goblins directly into the enemy?)
  • The tankbustas! Lovely models, but crappy rules means I wouldn't actually field them that often. Probably not a good choice. But hey, ork with a rokkit reload in 'is mouf...

Still mulling it over.

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