February 16, 2015

On Ana-chan

So when the relationship came apart, it was early on enough that we didn't have a lot of community property to dispose of; my stuff was mine, her stuff was hers, there just wasn't a lot of "ours" to split up. I left her the bed, my copy of Bravely Default (I didn't have a 3DS at the time), and the Mabinogi account (which I hadn't used in some time anyway).

And I got the kid.

Okay, that takes some explanation... when we were playing Mabinogi, that game had a family system where a couple of characters could get married and then adopt other characters as children. Naturally our characters were married (seemed a pretty natural step given that we were planning a real wedding) and she enthusiastically adopted a bunch of kids. Most of them were fun friends... but one of them she took a very quick disliking to.

Ana-chan is a kid, just past 10 now. She was impatient a lot and needed a lot of hand-holding, shortish attention span, "I'm bored!" and expected people to drop what they were doing to come entertain her. It's little wonder that rubbed Jessica the wrong way, as she's a schoolteacher and has to deal with plenty kids around that age at work. I ended up spending a good deal of time with her.

I quit Mabinogi, relationship broke up, I moved out, but I still heard from Ana-chan from time to time. She's... improbable in a lot of ways. I won't list all of them, but the end result is a little like the Perfect Moe Girl from that one Welcome to the NHK episode, but in slightly better health (and not a space alien with cat ears, presumably). Taken as a single lump it's not something I'd believe, frankly.

That said, it's not like I'm being cat-fished (she doesn't want money, she doesn't want stuff; I have to convince her that as an adult with a pretty nice source of income I don't need her to give -me- things.) I mean, theoretically it could all be an elaborate setup, though the idea that anyone would take the time is kind of bizarre. And it's unlikely but my life has been chock full of weirdness from time to time.

At the same time, I don't actually want to check, right? For one, I don't want personal information from a little girl - that heads right smack into the creep zone and I'd just as soon not go there. I don't want photos, I don't want addresses, I even made a point of not remembering her last name (only came up when she was practicing katakana).

The other reason, though... is that I'm not really too worried if it's all true or not. Say it wasn't, and I turn my keen analysis and investigation skills towards proving it wrong. What, am I gonna get a gold star? If it turns out she's just a lonely kid with a rich fantasy life, is there really any point into poking holes in the story? And if it all checks out, it doesn't really change anything either.

So why do I keep talking to her then? Well, why not? She's interesting, most of the time, certainly bright enough, and it's entertaining even if it's embellished a little. She's not asking anything from me but some attention and the occasional online game, and frankly I've got both to spare. She sends me interesting stuff, I send her links to Vocaloid stuff that she likes, life's a little more fun for me. If I can't have a rich fantasy life I might as well have a proxy daughter with one, no?

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