June 06, 2014

Love Live and orks

Dropped the time-waster tablet card game I'd been playing (Valkyrie Crusade, if you're curious, and it wasn't really much good) and tried out Love Live, as some friends had gotten into that. And... I'm enjoying it, honestly.

It's a pretty basic rhythm game with your performance being somewhat dependent on how good you are at tapping the screen in the correct locations at the correct intervals, but really also on how good your group is; a beginner group and a flawless performance might only score you a C rank on an easy song, whereas I can take a group I've put together (with no money spent, after a week) and do only so-so and still score an A or an S on a normal-difficulty song. I could see this as massively frustrating to a true aficionado of the genre. For me, with my getting-older-these-days reflexes, it's actually a bit liberating - I can genuinely enjoy the challenge without a run where I make a mistake immediately turning into a waste of time.

Advancement is the usual "here are a ton of crap-quality cards, which are mostly useless except as food for the good-quality cards", plus the usual "pay us real monies for extra chances to draw good cards". The other monetization model is "here is your energy, you've used it up, pay to refill the gauge right now or come back in a few hours", but going through the songs takes enough time that by the time I'm out, I'm ready to put it down for a bit and do something else.

Cute girls on the cards doesn't hurt none either.

Tried the first episode of the anime and it's cute enough. Enjoyed Idolmaster well enough but haven't tried AKB...

A couple of friends have been playing the Japanese game for ages, and they just came out with the English version last month, so it's pretty new here. Not particularly deep though - if you don't enjoy the rhythm portion of the game then nothing else is going to make you stick around. It'll be interesting to see what they do with it. The Japanese version has umpteen kinds of different magazine tie-ins and events, but obviously the merchandising opportunities aren't going to exist over here...

And orks? Finally, they're getting some new kits, so it's off to the game store. Any time you have a gatling gun made out of more gatling guns, you have the right idea!

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1 Like they say, the competition between Love Live and Idolm@ster is a cynical ploy to funnel the money to the same company.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at June 08, 2014 10:46 AM (RqRa5)

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