July 12, 2014

Last season, post-mortem

Didn't watch that many shows through.

Is the Order a Rabbit?: Too cutesy at times, but not quite enough to keep me from watching to the end. Rize was the best thing about the series, and possibly "the only good thing".

Jojo: Working on a bunch of shows, this was always one of the things that got referenced all the time but which I never really had a good handle on. The first two seasons were a gateway into a past, more fabulous era, where barely-clad musclemen named after rock bands could pose up a storm and still be manly as heck. The new season is... not a fit successor. Jotaro is sullen and basically coasting through the Bad Guy of the Week, and Polnareff is so annoying I keep cheering for the bad guys to finish him off, but they never quite manage it. The only bright point of the show is Joseph Joestar, who's aged into a comic Indy Jones type - definitely carrying the show so far. Still, eventually they'll get to Egypt and we'll get to see some Dio, at which point I'm hoping things will become appropriately epic. Ongoing.

Love Live! School Idol Project - got into this late through playing the game, which a number of friends are into, and am through most of the first season so far. Enjoyable if you like the idol genre but don't want to go full Idolmaster or AKB48. Working on this as time and ork-painting permit.

Mekakucity Actors: I watched the first ep of this because of not-Miku, and it was all right, but somehow I never got around to watching any more of it and I'm not really inclined to get further into it. Did anyone find it to be any good?

Nisekoi: I picked up some of the manga for this to read on the plane trip here and enjoy the manga; the anime is decent but I haven't really been following it regularly. Think I might prefer the manga, honestly.

No Game No Life: Far better than I was expecting, though I was expecting it to suck pretty badly. Has the usual "these characters are geniuses so of course they know everything and can do everything" trope in play, but for all their mutual NEETness and Shiro's residual creepiness, it's actually quite a clever show. Plenty of T&A (and, alas, lack-of-T&A) for those interested in that. Definitely one of the hidden gems of the season just for the cleverness of the puzzle-challenges, though. In particular, the world-shattering game of shiritori was just pure happiness to watch.

Nobunaga the Fool: Watched the first six eps or so, dropped it, didn't go back. Not necessarily ruling it out, but I got better stuff to spend time on.

Rowdy Sumo Who Cares: Gawd, this show was terrible. Gave it a chance because hey, why not a sumo sports anime? And it's been a while since my last Taisho-era story... But the lead is so repellent, such a tremendous asshole, that I don't even want to see his comeuppance and redemption. I'd rather he die via meteor strike, or even better, Ebola virus.

Comic Artist and Assistants: I'm torn on this one, because in one sense, it was quite, quite terrible - a pure fanservice exploitation show with a protagonist that's by turns sniveling and lecherous, or sometimes both. But at the same time, I saw the manga a while back and the cat Branya is one of the cutest things on this planet. Girls are cute too, but then again, they had to be, else I would have gone far, far away. I got a little enjoyment out of it but I can't recommend it to the self-respecting.

Kawai Complex: A fun main romance plot buried under a steaming pile of cliched secondary characters. By the time I had gotten to the end of this, for the meager payoff on offer, I'd slogged through episode after episode of masochist jokes, virgin jokes, slut jokes, evil-woman jokes, more masochist jokes, more virgin jokes, more slut jokes, more evil-woman jokes... they went on and on and there just wasn't any cleverness or variety there. Frankly it's a miracle I didn't drop this and I darned well ought to have. I blame my susceptibility to cute girls who like books.

Magica Wars: Watched three eps when I had a bit of spare time. Not totally wasted but not really anything there to make me want to dig in for more.

I also watched some Puchimas. They're like eating potato chips, it's hard to stop at just one. Not really something to recommend though - either you know Idolmaster and already tried it or you don't and probably shouldn't.

Other stuff I heard was good, but haven't tried yet: Chaika.

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1 I did not stay with Chaika because I heard it was incomplete.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at July 14, 2014 04:40 PM (RqRa5)

2 Nisekoi's one shot (chapter 0?) was very nice, but the full manga seems to be stretching things out way too much.

I really liked Kawii Complex the same way I liked Mikakunin the season before. Soft early stage romance with likable characters that aren't full of angst and tragedy, "misunderstandings" or tsundere behavior.

Understand that, compared to you guys, I am still a bit of a rookie, so I am not too desensitized to the same old same old. If I were, these shows and others like D-Frag would not have been as enjoyable.

Posted by: topmaker at July 20, 2014 11:45 AM (2yZsg)

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