July 25, 2014

Hot summer and its shows

The good news is that it's not TOO hot. The air conditioning can keep up (barely) and it's about as hot as it's going to get, so I'm not gonna roast myself working from home. This is quite a good thing.

The electric bill was pretty high though... and I've been watching anime to run it up further. Quick takes for the new stuff:

Locodol: Very low-pressure idol anime, even less so than Love Live. Don't come for the music (it's pretty much limited to children's songs so far), but it's cute enough to keep a slot for the time being. A little suggestive without getting in your face with it.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Ilya 2: way, way too suggestive. I mean, god, I watched a ton of Nanoha and this show can still creep me the hell out from time to time. Dunno if it'll hold my interest (or rather, if it dips even a little further into loli-exposure, I'm just done with it). Cute as hell when the creep mode isn't running high, which ain't often enough.

Samurai Jam-Bakumatsu Rock: Watching this one on a recommendation, and I'm obviously not the target demographic for this show (hey, finally, guys with exploding-clothing transformations...) Interesting take on the somewhat-overdone Meiji transformation and not bad in the music department, though obviously they're pushing the hot-bishounen-band angle. We're up for a few episodes of filler early, I figure, but it's all right (and, frankly, a good palate cleanser for Prisma Ilya).

Hanayamata: The other cute-girls-doing-cute-stuff of the season. I have NO IDEA what yosakoi is, never even heard of it, but eh, dancing cute girls is not a bad thing, and when the show pulls out the stops it's awful pretty. Pretty generic sports plot so far, not really strong there. We'll see where it goes.

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun: Another one I picked up on a recommendation. Funny if you like shoujo-trope jokes subverted. Good for now but feels like it might get stuck in a rut if they're not careful.

Sabagaebu: Damn. Ep 2 was terrible - somehow the characters were even less pleasant than the worst parts of C3, and that's a big non-recommendation. Ep 3 didn't have that nasty feeling to it, though. Much less "this is an introduction to a sport you've never heard about" and more "this is a pure comedy where they happen to have guns", narrator breaking fourth wall, impromptu flamethrowers, etc. But ugh, that second episode. Now I really don't want to try natto.

Rail Wars: Harmless police fun with a railway theme, though forget suspending disbelief, you should just expel it before showing up for class. Mildly pervy shounen action plus train-otaku fuel. Decent production values though.

Sword Art Online II: Not bad so far, though if you were a big Asuna fan, it's definitely telegraphing that she's gonna be in the background for this one. New character Sinon is actually pretty well-done, an interesting take on things that leaves lots of room for development and at least a suggestion that they'll go that way. I still don't like it as much as Log Horizon, but the stupid level is toned down enough to pass.

Invaders of the 6-Mat: probably will be the first drop of the season. Magical harem show, though at least so far it's more "magical everyone sitting around playing cards to try to evict the others". When even your characters say your premise is boring it may be time to move on. That said, the next ep is doing something different, but if it's not a lot more interesting than it's been so far, it ain't worth the time.

Jojo's: still Jojoing. Still not as good as the first two arcs. Screw the villain of the week, bring on the WRYYYYY already.

And... Sailor Moon Crystal: which I tried because I was pretty drunk, and actually enjoyed well enough to give it a few episodes. Looks like it'll move at a faster pace than the original show. Production quality is... not precisely "good", but more "retro" than "no budget". Never really had a good reason for disliking the original other than irrational prejudice, but eh... still not really sold on it.

Lots of shows, nothing that's on the OH YES list really, but plenty of "good enough to fill time" so far. Still a few that I'll probably save for mid-season after the weak ones drop off.

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