September 27, 2013

Good night's sleep

Part of the good luck lately has been a run of takin' care of myself. Made it out to various doctors and got a few things taken care of (the acne medication is surprisingly effective...)

One of the things I'd wanted to do was get my hearing checked, because bluntly, it's never been good. Went in and had it screened, and it turns out my hearing's actually quite excellent - any problems I've got in hearing people are in my brain, not my ears. Well, they can't fix brains yet, but eh. Interestingly enough, though, the ear-nose-throat doc who was examining me easily guessed that I had pretty lousy sleep full of snoring, and recommended that I go see a sleep doctor.

A few tests later, it was determined that I have sleep apnea, which frankly I was pretty sure of before I'd gone in. The doc suggested that I try a CPAP device, which forces a little extra pressure into my airway to keep it open. Downside is that I've got a funny little nasal mask. Upside is that I sleep quite a bit better. Not just a little - I'm waking up much, much more easily in the morning, and hardly waking up during the night at all. I was a bit worried that it would bug Jessica, but she's happy with the results ("you don't quit breathing in the middle of the night anymore!") and, frankly, the machine is pretty quiet too. Took a little getting used to - pretty much gotta sleep on my back, but eh, I can manage that.

There is one other downside - a positive diagnosis of sleep apnea means I can pretty much forget getting life insurance. It's a big ol' heart attack risk, though apparently a lot less nasty if you're getting treated.

Also picked up a nice, new, biiig bed which the two of us can fit on without fighting for space. Alas, it is waiting for me in Hawaii, and now I'm back on my ol' saggy mattress. Ah well, one more thing to look forward to, hm?

I'm hardly in perfect health... frankly, I could drop about fifty or sixty pounds and not miss 'em one bit. But I'm feeling better than I have been in a long time.

Next time I'll do an anime post, promise. ;p

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1 As someone who's been lurking and reading your blog for quite some time, I have to say that it's good to hear that things are looking up for you lately.

If anything, it gives more hope to all the rest of us that good things can and do happen, provided one puts a little work in.

Posted by: RaccoonGoon at September 28, 2013 04:27 AM (aTi+S)

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