April 02, 2019

Gaming journal 4/2

GFL has a maintenance tonight, so I'll worry about it when I wake up tomorrow.

Had fun in Azur Lane instead. No notable ship drops, but I did clear 10-1 and got a win on 10-2. The boss fleet didn't have any trouble, but the clearing fleet took a pounding - no casualties but the vanguard was mostly under 20% HP and burning. Seriously thinking about dropping one of my fleet carriers and bringing Unicorn along (though she's just a little under 100 still...)

In Granblue, I finished up the full uncap of my first Nibelung Horn (axe weapon, big bonus at near full HP plus crit). This puts earth right up near light for "strongest grid", though light's still probably stronger for practical purposes (two limited characters plus a 5* Eternal will do that). Feels like some progress, though.

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