October 11, 2011

Disgaea 4 - movin' on up

It's not like I'm doing nothing but Disgaea lately, just that most of the rest is painting, and I want to finish the trukk before I bother taking more pictures of it.

Got the main quest out of the way. Was definitely tougher than in some of the previous games... a level 200 Laharl could breeze through the finale of the first game, but even at 250 and with a fairly nice weapon, Valvatorez wouldn't have been able to solo the last chapter.

In some ways, D4 has enough features that they occasionally get in the way of making good use of other features. The accumulation of named characters is definitely one of those. You start off with Valvatorez and his trusty sidekick Fenrich, and Fuka and Desco both follow along shortly thereafter; now that I've closed out the main quest, I've got no fewer than seven named characters along, five of which are darned good. Val is just a solid bonebreaker, Fuka has decent flexibility and high damage output, Desco has good wide-area attacks and lots of 'em, and without spoiling anything, there's one support caster who's as good as a Magic Knight and another healer-support with some good points too. (Ironically, Fenrich has been out of my rotation for so long that he's not even level 50 yet - his damage output wasn't keeping up even with good equipment.)

That said, some of my random characters are quite powerful too - Valentine the Star Skull (i.e. second-rank male caster, who was a Red Skull back before his reincarnation) has my biggest single-target damage in the game, literally able to summon the mascot from Animate to burn the enemy with his fiery passion.

(Most of the attacks aren't anime cameos, but for some reason all the Omega-level spells are. Horo for wind, Index for healing, Lotte as a good reason not to bother with ice, and... Shin Bikkuriman for non-elemental? I wondered if I had been dropping bad acid when that first showed up...)

Still at something of an awkward stage, though. I'm getting to the point where I'd benefit from reincarnating some of these guys, but before I do a lot of that, I'd like to spend some time in Chara World to expand the Evil Symbols for sharing mana and experience... which is a lot easier if you FIRST reincarnate a couple characters, of course. Heh...

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