October 30, 2015

Coming up for air

Uneventful life is pretty good. Got down to Austin for the weekend to hang out with a couple of friends. Been playing MGS5 to distraction, started up Trails to the Sky (have owned it for ages, just never fired it up...) Next purchase is a PS4 for some Disgaea 5, I think, but I'll wait for the holiday bundles to see if we get a price drop.

Anime lately? One Punch Man (more subtle than it lets on, heh), more Ushio and Tora, more Is the Order a Rabbit, the new Utawarerumono, and Sakurako. Komori-san Can't Decline isn't all that great but eh, two minutes is not a huge time investment. Lovely Muco is terrible but charming for some reason. Ditto Hakone-chan. Shomin Sample is pretty dumb but is enough fan-service to get by. SD Attack on Titan is not doin' it for me. Watching some One Piece - I suppose there's an inexhaustible supply of it out there, not too bad if I've had a little rum to drink. (Incidentally, DarkSong turned me on to Capt. Morgan Cannon Blast, which is goddamned delicious rum; it tastes too good to mix it! Pricey though.)

Reading, I've dug out copies of Churchill's memoirs. Six volumes, this'll take a while...

Kind of a good time to be a 40K fan - GW's releasing a board game with a ton of Mk4 marines in it, and next year they're releasing a 12-book series of Ork-centric novels. Heh, that'll be something to look forward to! (of course, so is the eventual delivery of that Ork kickstarter...)

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